Let me start this post by saying brides if your wedding color is Burgundy / wine / merlot and blush please don’t stone me. For the past several years Fall comes around and as a designer I get super excited. The range of colors this time of year is really like no other season. From rust and orange too gorgeous plums. It truly is a special time to use colors that aren’t readily available in the flower world on a normal basis.

8 months before the wedding is when I book most of my brides for wedding flowers. Usually well before we are in the season the bride has chosen for her wedding. Fall weddings have become increasingly popular. Weather isn’t hot and humid in my area during this time. Mother nature puts on one of her greatest shows with the changing of the leaves. Yet, every damn fall nearly every wedding is burgundy and blush or some variation. The dreaded colors that bring floral designers to their knees. Screaming in agony because they can’t reinvent the wheel for the 100th time. At one time I loved these colors too. It was new and different. Well, I am here today to stand up for all the other colors in the color wheel that need their turn to shine. There are so many unique, fun ways to play with color in the fall ( even burgundy). You can still reflect the season colors without it being drab. Let’s begin!!


I know what you are thinking. ORANGE!! Honestly, orange isn’t my favorite color either, but its all in the tone you choose to work with. Paring burnt orange with warm peaches, blush pinks, and cream takes this palette to a new level.


burnt orange, blush and dusty blue mood board

blush and orange bridal bouquet rooted in flora


Terracotta, burgundy, soft brown and peach make a beautiful fall color palette. I think the next few years we will be seeing a lot more of this. If you are afraid of the darker tones in this palette I suggest using the burgundy and terracotta for pops of color. Focus the majority of your colors on the peach and add cream.


terracotta mood board rooted in flora


Quintessential fall! All the colors you see when you look out your window on a fall day. Lets jump strait to flowers for this palette.


rooted in flora fall bridal bouquet



We can even take this palette one step further by adding a contrasting color, dusty blue. Now take a moment and use your imagination. Your bridesmaids are wearing flowing chiffon gowns in dusty blue. Holding flower bouquets filled with dahlias, zinnias, fall foliage and other seasonal blooms. In a beautiful color palette of warm peach, cream, blush, and burnt orange.

Take a peek below for inspiration on the florals.

burnt orange, peach, blush bridal bouquet rooted in flora


terracotta bridal bouquet rooted in flora

fall color palette rooted in flora


I chose this bouquet to share because it has varying shades of color than what you see in the color palette above. Even though your main colors are burgundy, yellow, orange, and green its important to add a few other tones when dealing with flowers. Adding these other tones allows for depth and blending with in the arrangement or bouquet in this instance. In short, it makes it more appealing to the eye and less polka dotty with color.


That is it for part one of inspiring fall color palettes. I hope this gives you ideas on ways to use different colors and think outside the box of burgundy and blush. I’ll be back with part 2 and three more color palettes next week.