Like most florists I have always been drawn to flowers, their smell and beauty. With an affinity to design and a passion to create, making arrangements lit a fire in me like nothing else. I yearned to create florals with a deeper meaning - florals without a shelf life. Something more than working with trendy color palettes and styles for a passing season. I wanted to capture the stories and feelings that endure through florals. The experiences I’ve had, combined with my passion for bringing beautiful moments to fruition, forms the ethos behind my business. 


We've got a lot in common, you and I. We are adventures, seekers of beauty, searching for something different: something that is bigger and grander, and more beautiful than we have ever known. Something that speaks to our heart.




Each piece I create is thoughtfully curated. In addition to sourcing specialty blooms, I work closely with local farmers throughout our region who use environmentally friendly growing practices. I am also lucky enough to have a small scale flower garden of my own where I can grow flowers specifically for your wedding day. 

It’s truly a gift to be able to be able to share in someone special day, helping bring to life so many unique and beautiful visions.  

The name Rooted in Flora came about from my great grandmothers. One grew dahlias and the other was named Flora. It only made sense to pay tribute to them. Flowers are rooted deep in my soul. Woven through the monarchs of my family like a fine golden thread.  

why the name rooted in flora

There is something about listening to waves lap the shore that instantly brings me comfort. I would sit by the ocean everyday all day if my pocket book would allow me. 

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What brings me joy

Give me all of the champagne. I don't care if its Andre or Moet. I adore it all! I almost always have a bottle in my refrigerator. Delish!!! 

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What brings me joy

I love to travel, experience new things and places. Doing it with my three crazy boys and amazing husband makes it 100x better. 

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What brings me joy

 I prioritize local and USA-grown blooms in all of my design work, and developed relationships with farmers here in West Virginia to source stunning blooms of the highest quality. Four years ago I started my own cutting garden. I grow exclusively for my brides. Providing unique quality products for their day.

Local product

Our Values

Every detail is important because the goal is to create floral design that will stand the test of time. Nature is the ultimate guide for designs that will never fall out of style. I design inspired by how flowers would grow, creating a custom look.

Heirloom designs

Our Values


I believe that your wedding day is one of the most important moments you will have as a couple. I believe that you deserve breathtaking flowers on your wedding day that speaks to your personality as a couple.

The way we care for you doesn’t just start on your wedding day. It begins with your first email with us. By providing a tangible plan for your vision we make sure there is no question of what you will receive on your wedding day. We provide florals that are tailored specifically to your needs. You will never find cookie cutter designs from us. Instead, you will find sophisticated color combinations and organic arrangements inspired by how flowers naturally grow. By providing flowers that are not only beautiful, but fresh and always created with sustainability in mind. While creating an environment that is romantic, unforgettable and a reflection of you as a couple. Each element is more than just a table setting or centerpiece, it’s layers of beauty that are not only meant to be seen, but also experienced.

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From my home office to yours, here are the tools and resources I use every day. Skincare, products, website resources, and books.... it's all curated here to inspire you. 

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Hey, Newly Engaged Friend!

Hey, Newly Engaged Friend!