When trying to decide what types of flowers you would like to include in your wedding day seasonality is the first thing you should be looking at. There is no point in falling in love with peonies if they are not available when you are getting married. It’s important to note that most flowers can be sourced from other parts of the world if it’s off season where you live. Even though this is an option, this may not be the most economical choice. You will be paying more for a flower that will most likely come in smaller or not what you are used to in an in season flower. Most importantly talk to your florist to find substitutes for flowers you love. Trust in your florist to guide you on not only what is in seasons, but what flowers will best suite your budget.

in order to help identify some of the flowers available to you based on the season. Here is a helpful guide to get you started.

flower availability list

flower availability

winter flower availability list

spring flower availability list

Fall flower availability list

summer flower availability list