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so you can finally attract your dream clients, make more revenue and give your life the freedom and abundance it deserves.

Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and like you have hit a brick wall in your business?

You're burnt out from working constantly and you don't have money in your bank account that reflects the hard work you put in.

You aren't attracting your ideal clients. Instead you keep getting budget brides and couples that do not value your time or creativity.

You have money blocks keeping you from charging what you're worth. Leaving you un-empowered in your business and life.

You know you're meant for more

more bookings, more abundance, more Income


PROsperity Map

by rooted in flora


Coming October 2022

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With everything you’ll learn inside The Prosperity Map, you’ll finally be able to:

Captivate and convert clients who will pay your worth!

Craft a new mindset around money that will not only change your life, but prepare you for prosperity.

Properly price your services so that you are constantly hitting healthy profit margins.

And so much more!

This is for you

Why trust me?

The more I coach florists like you, the more I realize the hurdles we face when it comes to profitability and our mindset around it. It is no wonder so many of us struggle when it comes to the business side of our dreams when we can't step back and see that our actions are flat lining our business. 

The bottom line?

Having a pricing formula is important, but without the positive mindset to match it you will never have a business that works for you. Instead you will be a slave to it.

I have taken classes, read the blogs and watched videos on pricing. I implemented the formula, but my business was still falling flat. I was running on the hamster wheel called my business until one day I realized all though I had all the information to price correctly it wouldn't matter if I wasn't pulling in the right clients. I needed to start attracting my perfect clients. And what I needed was a mindset shift that would lead me to not only my ideal clients, but to prosperity in my business and life. 

And through the shifts in my business, The Prosperity Map and my approach was born.

Here's the deal:

I believe floral designers have the ability to change the world through beauty. That when you take the steps to connect and build your business from the inside out, you can achieve success that is deeply fulfilling and designed to your purpose.

Giving you the freedom you desire while doing the thing you love - you get to have both!

...And The Prosperity Map will show you how. 

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