The one document your business must have, a contract. A contract lays out the expectation you require when working with your client. As well as what will happen if the contract is breached.

We know that getting a contract that is air tight can be expensive. This is why we created a contract that will help you protect yourself. Leaving you confident to do what you do best be creative.

We are not lawyers, please have your specific contract looked over to make sure it will work for your specific business!


Florist Event Contract PDF

Plus get a bonus Email template to use when sending your contract and proposal 


Additional clauses you my add to your contract


14 terms and conditions of my own contract


What's included?

refund policy 

Because of the digital nature of our online products, no refunds or exchanges will be offered. Please consider all of the information before purchasing. If you have questions prior to purchasing this product, please e-mail

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Hey, Newly Engaged Friend!

Hey, Newly Engaged Friend!